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The South Bank Show did a long documentary on the making of Security, giving fascinating insight into PG’s process. The documentary is interesting for PG fans, of course, but it has broader significance too. Many of the practices that PG was exploring, like building songs out of samples and studio improvisation, were cutting edge or even avant-garde at the time. Now they have become the baseline standard for pop and dance music production and songwriting methods. Read an in-depth analysis of the video here.

Here are the most noteworthy moments:

David Lord is the subject of this fascinating Sound On Sound interview in which he talks more about working with PG on developing samples with the Fairlight CMI.

This 1986 Interview on The Old Grey Whistle Test does not go into anywhere near the same level of depth but is still worth a watch.

More videos: PG’s Youtube channel and TED talks.

See an interview with Jerry Marotta about playing in the PG tribute band The Security Project.

Production notes

The So DNA album traces the songs from demos to finished tracks.

In-depth discussions From the Mix Online “Classic Tracks” series:

An interview with So engineer Kevin Killen gets specific about mics and effects.

Engineer Richard Chappell talks about recording Up.


Real World Records held a “Shock The Monkey” remix contest — the contest is long over but you can still download the stems.

The MusicTiles app lets you remix “Sledgehammer” using a playful interface.

The So 25th Anniversary app adds various kinds of multimedia to the album experience.


In-depth analysis of “Sledgehammer” by Ethan Hein


RockGenius has a small but growing collection of annotated PG lyrics.


The most creative cover of “Sledgehammer” we could find is performed by one guy live with a loop pedal and a couple of keyboards.


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